Cafe Menu

Food is about celebrating nature and appreciating life at Saraydan. We have designed our menu to share our passion for treasured local dishes and gourmet delicacies from the Ottoman Palace Cuisine. We bring these experiences and flavours together, cherishing them as they have been for hundreds of years.

Visit us daily between 8am and 11:30pm at Deerfields Mall.



Serpme Kahvalti for Two79

Selection of Turkish cheese, beef pastrami, black olives, jams, butter, honey, breakfast cream and pan fried eggs, served with bread, simit and Turkish tea

Serpme Kahvalti for One45

Selection of Turkish cheese, beef pastrami, black olives, jams, butter, honey, breakfast cream and pan fried eggs, served with bread, simit and Turkish tea


Scrambled eggs cooked with tomatoes and green peppers served with Turkish bread You can also enjoy your Menemen with these optional toppings

Turkish Sausage AED 39
White Cheese AED 35
Kashar Cheese AED 35
Pastrami AED 39
Luncheon Meat AED 39
Mixed AED 45

Pan Fried Eggs19

Eggs pan fried in butter served with Turkish bread. You can also enjoy your pan fried eggs with these optional toppings

Kashar Cheese AED 25
White Cheese AED 25
Turkish Sausage AED 29
Pastrami AED 29
Luncheon Meat AED 29

Bal & Kaymak29

Honey and Clotted Cream

Bal & Turkish Labneh25

Honey and Turkish labneh

Su Boregi35

Homemade pastry filled with turkish white cheese

Kol Boregi35

A selection of pastries with fillings of white cheese, vegetables or sautéed minced beef

Simit/Acma Sandwich

Sesame encrusted turkish bread ring/bagel

Kashar cheese and tomato AED 19
White cheese, tomato and olive paste AED 19
Boiled egg, cucumber and olive paste AED 19
Smoked salmon & labneh AED 29

Mediterranean Salad


Hellim Salad49

Grilled Turkish hellim cheese, sweet corn, mint, mixed salad leaves, fresh raspberries and pomegranate sauce

Choban Salad35

Shepherds salad with fresh cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, olives, bell pepper slices, onions and sumac topped with white cheese

Chicken Caesar Salad35

Marinated chicken breast, gem lettuce, cherry tomatoes, parmesan with our house caesar dressing

Mozzarella & Roca Salad49

Mini mozzarella balls, rocket leaves, sundried tomato and homemade pesto sauce

Mediterranean Salad49

Grilled zucchini, mixed peppers, eggplant, mixed leaves and sunflower seeds with balsamic dressing



Cevizli Baklava35

Walnut baklava and ice cream

Fistikli Baklava45

Pistachio baklava and ice cream

Cevizli Burma39

Walnut roll baklava and ice cream


Baklava filled and served with cream

Fisitikli Burma49

Pistachio roll baklava and ice cream

Cikolatali Baklava45

Chocolate layered baklava and ice cream

Havuc Dilim49

Baklava (carrot shape) served with ice cream


Cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup and ice cream

Irmik Helvasi29

Buttery semolina, pine nuts and cinnamon with ice cream

Incirli Muhallebi25

Milk based pudding with Turkish figs


Caramelized milk pudding


A creamy and light pudding with chopped almonds


Homemade profiteroles

Frinda Sutlac25

Oven baked rice pudding

Pistachio Kadayif35

Pastry soaked in sweet sugar-syrup and pistachio




Thinly rolled dough, filled with spiced ground beef, topped with garlic yoghurt, chilli sauce and mint flakes

Citir Manti49

Deep fried thinly rolled dough, filled with spiced ground beef, topped with garlic yoghurt, chilli sauce and mint flakes

Yaprak Sarmasi49

Stuffed rice and mince meat in vine leaves topped with tomato, butter sauce and yoghurt

Ankara Tava65

Sauted lamb cubes, minted labneh, onion and tomato with white Turkish Pilaf


Grilled meatballs served with fries, white rice and grilled fresh vegetables

Kasarli Kofte55

Kashar cheese filled meatballs served with fries, white rice and grilled fresh vegetables

Kuzu Incik89

Lamb shank marinated with rosemary & oregano, and served with special pilaf

Chicken Topkapi45

Chicken breast filled with special rice pilaf and tomato sauce, mint and basil

French Fries15

Deep fried french fries

Mixed Salad15

Selection of greens with tomato and dressing

Special Pilaf19

Turkish pilaf with vegetables and pine nuts

White Rice15

Turkish style white rice


Classic Turkish Tabouleh

Lentil Soup25

Hearty lentil soup with paprika butter and herb croutons

Tomato Soup25

Homemade tomato soup with herb croutons

Soup of the Day25

Please ask your waiter

Panini  Acma Sandwich


Mixed Panini45

Pastrami, turkish sausage, pickles, tomatoes and kashar cheese

Kashar Cheese Panini39

Kashar cheese, tomato, olive and pesto

Smoked Salmon Panini45

Smoked salmon, lettuce, avocado, onion and labneh

Veg Panini39

Grilled vegetables with kashar cheese and pesto

Grilled Kofte Wrap35

Grilled kofte, onion, tomato, pickles and capsicum

Chicken Wrap35

Marinated chicken, mixed capsicum, cherry tomato, soy sauce and cheddar cheese



Turkish Tea9
Mint Tea19
Earl Grey Tea19
Selection of Mixed tea19

Original, mint or strawberry flavoured lemonade

Turkish Coffee19
Double Espresso15
Latte/Turkish Latte15
Hot Chocolate19
Decaf Coffee15

Original, mint or strawberry flavoured lemonade

Ayran / Laban10
Soft Drinks9
Still Water

Small AED 9 – Large AED 15

Sparkling Mineral Water19
Fresh Orange Juice19
Strawberry & Watermelon Juice19
Pomegranate Juice19
Saraydan Cocktail25

Orange, pomegranate, carrot, banana, strawberry and apple


Kids Combo Meal20 per child

Includes a main meal, drink and dessert
Your choice of:
Beef or Chicken Burger with chips
Oven baked pasta topped with cheese and kids salad
Fish fingers and chips
Lemonade or Ayran (Laban)
Toffee Apple