Enjoy our delightful Ramadan Iftar and Suhoor


 Iftar Set Menu

AED 119 per person – Kids under 12 (Kids Menu available)

Dried Fruits / Nuts / Dates

Soup (Your choice of Lentil Soup – Tomato Soup – Chicken Soup)

Main Courses (All main courses are served with a choice of salad on the side)

Izmir Kofta

Grilled kofta meat served in tomato sauce, with potatoes and jalapeno

Ankara Tava

Sauted lamb cubes, minted labneh, onion, tomato served with white Turkish Pilaf


Thin rolled dough, filled with spiced ground beef, topped with garlic yoghurt, chilli sauce and mint flakes

Adana Kebab

Grilled lamb kebab with spices, served with sumac onion, lavash bread, grilled tomato and jalapeno with bulgar

Yaprak Sarma

Vine leaves stuffed with minced beef and rice, served with tomato sauce and yoghurt on the side

Dessert (Selection Chef’s mixed selection of 3 desserts)

Hot & Cold Beverages (unlimited)

Water – Sherbet – Lemonade – Jalab – Ayran – Turkish Tea